Why I Started This Blog

Before my sixteenth birthday, I’ve generated millions of hits, gained over a hundred thousand followers on Twitter, and ended up on prime-time Nickelodeon – all because I started a blog in seventh grade.

My name is Shiv Aiyar. In the last 19 years of my life I’ve lived in two countries, three states, and six cities. While I did grow up in a middle class household my entire life, my parents made a crazy financial decision to put me in an extremely expensive and elite private elementary school. That opened my eyes to the lifestyle and mindset of the super wealthy.

In middle school I used to write a blog post on my thoughts on technology every lunch break. Then one day I got featured on the front page of Gizmodo – a major tech blog which obtains millions of hits a month.  Overnight, my blog received tens of thousands of page views, and couple months later Nickelodeon wanted me on an episode profiling young entrepreneurs.

At eighteen years old, I joined an elite young entrepreneurial society and currently travel the country networking with ambitious young adults helping take their ideas to reality.

I don’t consider myself successful yet, and I definitely have a lot to learn.  But my life is definitely different than the typical college student.  I want to use this blog to spotlight the next generation of entrepreneurs, share valuable tips and tricks of the trade, and just overall show the lifestyle and mindset of teenagers who dare to think different.